Stay ahead of consumer trends with a top up degree in retail management

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Retail management is about more than just sales. The thing that makes a career in retail management so rewarding is that the role involves such varied challenges. You’re the person who makes the store tick, from sales and customer service out on the shop floor to vital work behind the scenes. Buying, merchandising, inventory – it all falls under the remit of the retail manager.

A retail management top up degree can help you build on your existing experience and excel in all of these essential areas. And with a work based distance learning degree like the University of Lincoln’s, you can earn yourself a full BSc (Hons) qualification without having to give up the career you love.

Why a retail management top up degree?

Study part-time

A top up degree gives you the ability to earn a fully accredited degree without having to enter full-time study. It makes earning your qualification more affordable, offers flexible study hours to suit you and allows you to progress with your career while you progress with your learning.

Acquire new skills for career success

Employers in the retail sector are always on the lookout for highly skilled and motivated managers to help their company’s succeed in a competitive market. A retail management top up course proves that you’re dedicated, driven and self-motivated, all of which is attractive to employers. With a degree qualification added to your list of accomplishments you’ll also stand out as a candidate who is more highly skilled. You’ll build up an impressive managerial skill set as part of your training.

  • Consumer understanding – thanks to social media, today’s retail market is increasingly consumer led. As part of your course you’ll gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and the marketing strategies that influence them, focus on customer loyalty techniques, what influences purchasing behaviour and more.
  • Change management – the retail world is constantly evolving and companies cannot be resistant to change if they’re going to succeed. You’ll learn to analyse the factors that indicate the need for operational change, how to manage changes within your own organisation and how to overcome resistance to change.
  • Operations management – you’ll develop a keen understanding of organisational behaviour and how to meet business goals. Through theory and practise you’ll develop better problem solving and analytical skills, as well as planning, and control knowledge to help you address management challenges.

Why work based distance learning?

Build on your existing skills

Retail is one sector where you really can work your way up. A retail top up degree allows you to build on the key skills you’ve already learned on the sales floor.

You don’t need to hold a degree already – entry requirements are flexible and include an HND, foundation degree and proof of on-going professional retail experience. Your already acquired skills will be officially accredited, and your course will be tailored to suit you, your job and the skills you want to develop. It means that your learning will always be relevant and address the retail issues you face day-to-day in the real world.

Put your learning into practice

Work based retail management top up degrees give you a competitive edge by allowing you to apply your new skills immediately. Theories, strategies, management, leadership and communication skills – everything you learn on the course can be applied in your workplace the very next day, benefiting you, your career, your co-workers and employers.

Employer benefits

It’s not just you who’ll benefit from a retail management top up degree, your employer will too. Your new skills will help company performance from day one. Your employer will gain an employee who is more confident, creative, motivated and more highly skilled without the need to hire more staff. And they’ll gain all of this without having to lose a valuable employee to full-time study for a year.

If you think a retail management top up course is right for you, the University of Lincoln can help you achieve your goals. Whatever retail area you currently work in, or want to branch out in to, our work based distance learning courses are designed to support you every step of the way.


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