Is an online degree worth it? A global move towards online degrees

lincoln_1Online degree student numbers are growing. In the UK, the latest HESA figures show that 210,005 students in the UK were studying for either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree online last year. In the US, where online learning has really taken off, Babson Research found that over six million higher education students were taking at […]
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Step into the career of your dreams - Humanitarian Aid

lincoln_1How you can get your humanitarian career up and running. From engineering to public health nutrition, aid work covers a wide variety of challenging roles. No matter where your interests or talents lie, you can channel them into helping others around the world.
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Online degree programmes for international students – what’s available?

lincoln_1For many ambitious professionals, waiting for management to recognise their potential can take far too long – which is why achieving career progression through qualifications is such a popular route. And with many universities now offering work-based distance learning programmes, it’s becoming even easier to find the ideal opportunity.
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Is a work-based degree for you?

lincoln_1Work-based degrees are becoming an increasingly popular route for ambitious professionals looking to turbo-charge their careers without having to take a career break. But how do you know if it’s the right choice for you?
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10 reasons why you should earn a degree in logistics management

lincoln_1If your role is focused on the transportation side of business, you may have found yourself being encouraged to think about pursuing a degree in logistics management. Having come to prominence overseas, these degree courses are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. But if you’re already working in the field, is a logistics management degree […]
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