What can you do with an online degree in engineering management?

lincoln_1Careers in engineering management can be even more diverse than careers in engineering itself. Already a broad discipline, spanning everything from mechanical to electronic, engineering provides a uniquely varied and stimulating range of career paths. Add to this the business and management knowledge gained on an engineering management degree programme and a whole new area […]
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How to become a successful manager

lincoln_1What does it take to become a good manager? If you’re considering a top-up degree or MBA at university, the likelihood is that you’re preparing to progress to a management role. While your hard work and dedication may have got you to this stage, it will take more than simply being great at your existing […]
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What is a retail management course?

lincoln_1Find out what’s covered in a retail management course, which is designed to prepare you for the diverse and innovative retail sector. The retail industry is vital to the UK. According to the latest government figures, it employed 4.3 million people in 2013, 15.8% of the UK workforce, and contributed £180 million to the UK […]
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What can you do with a top-up business management degree?

Top-up degrees are a great way to make the leap from your current career into a business management role – but what advantages do they offer over other courses? And how do they help candidates advance their careers.
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What can you gain from studying retail management?

If you’ve been working in retail for a number of years and are starting to look for somewhere to progress, retail management can seem like a natural next step. An increasing number of universities are now offering retail management courses – but what do you gain by studying for one of these rather than simply […]
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