7 benefits of studying management courses online

Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

Advancing technology has made it easier than ever for tomorrow’s budding leaders to get the qualifications they need. Being able to study management courses online means that the traditional time, distance and financial constraints of obtaining a degree no longer exist.

You can harness the power of distance learning, learn at your own pace, and profit from some unique benefits that only online courses can provide.

1) Keep your job

Studying online means you have the flexibility to fit your studies around your existing work and family commitments. The progress you’ve already made in your career needn’t be wasted. By studying a management course online, you’ll be earning a degree while still keeping your foot in the door and your position on the career ladder.

2) Applied learning

This benefit puts you a step ahead of traditional management graduates. While those in full-time, on-campus study have to wait until graduation or breaks in the semester to put their new skills into practice in the workplace, you can do so from day one. Studying via distance learning while you work allows you to apply new management skills and knowledge learned in the classroom, instantly. You’ll learn faster and gain a deeper understanding of how management concepts really work in the real world.

3) More affordable

Online course fees tend to be far cheaper than traditional on-campus fees. This is because distance learning courses are cheaper for learning institutions to deliver, and they can pass these savings on to students. Having the flexibility to work while you study means you’re earning while you learn, making it easier for you to meet the cost of fees, too.

4) No need to relocate to access the best teaching

Online learning makes it possible for students and professionals to access the best management teaching no matter where they are in the world. There’s no longer a need to pay for student accommodation, commute, or pay to move across country or across borders to get the education you want.

5) The confidence boost

Completing a management course under their own steam gives online degree graduates an extra level of confidence. Distance learning forces students to get organised, manage their own workload, challenge themselves, and stay motivated. The unique challenges that online students face make them more self-reliant, self-confident graduates; qualities that make them great management material.

6) Flexibility

Choosing to study for an online management degree grants you unique flexibility when it comes to your study options. Depending on your existing life/work commitments you can study part-time, full-time, or switch from one to the other as your life demands it. You have the freedom to choose your own study times, so you can tailor your course to fit around your existing schedule.

7) Learn in the workplace

Online management courses make it possible to study via Work-Based Distance Learning (WBDL). This route towards a management degree qualification provides an exciting, engaging and affordable alternative to traditional degree programmes. With WBDL, you study via a mixture of online and work-based tuition and assessment, within the company you already work for. Your course is tailored to you and your workplace, ensuring that the knowledge and skills you acquire are truly relevant to your existing career and future goals. It also offers added security, as you know you have a job waiting for you upon graduating – something that many graduates can’t count on.

The University of Lincoln Work-Based Learning top-up degrees will help you achieve your career goals and obtain a qualification with a global focus. Find out more about the Lincoln WBDL programmes.


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