Can you study business management online?

Monday, July 27th, 2015

The online learning world is growing fast. Improved access to the internet and faster broadband speeds have led to exciting changes to education. The way in which colleges and universities deliver teaching has changed forever, from part-time diplomas to honours and post-graduate degrees.

Business subjects have been among the most successful to transition to online teaching. Online business degrees, including MBAs, can fit flexibly around the existing careers of students and professionals. This flexible study aspect allows students to gain valuable work-based experience as they progress towards their degree qualification.

Whatever area of business management you’re interested in, you’ll find a whole range of challenging and uniquely motivating ways to study your chosen subject online.

Study routes

  • Full degree programmes – you can study online for a BA (Hons) in Business Management and a whole range of specialisms within the business management field. Full degree programmes can last the same number of years as they do traditionally on-campus (three years), or they can last longer if you choose to study part-time. Whichever route you choose, at the end of your studies you’ll qualify with the same BA (Hons) in Business Management as you would if you’d studied the traditional way, on campus.
  • Top-up degrees – you can top up an existing HND or Foundation Degree qualification in a relevant subject to BA (Hons) level. Top-up courses are an increasingly popular way for students to gain a Business Management degree online, as they can be completed in one to two years of online study rather than having to start a full three-year degree course from scratch.
  • Work-based top-up degrees – these degrees enable you to top up your existing qualifications to Honours level via a mixture of online and work-based learning. This means there’s no need to leave your existing job. You’ll be accredited for skills and knowledge you’ve already picked up in the workplace, and your degree programme will be tailored to deliver learning that’s truly relevant to you, your career, and your specific workplace too.

Ways to study

  • Full-time online – you’ll be required to put in more hours, but you’ll graduate more quickly. You’ll still be able to choose when you study at home, but full-time courses may be too demanding to fit around an existing full- or part-time job.
  • Part-time online – part-time distance learning is the most flexible way to study for a business management degree online. It will take you a little longer to qualify, with course length depending on the type of degree programme you’re studying for. As a guide, a part-time online MBA will typically take three years, and a top-up degree will take two.

The benefits of online learning

Studying for a Business Management degree online offers many benefits over the traditional on-campus study route. For students and professionals of all ages, online learning makes studying for a degree a truly viable option, regardless of existing life and work commitments.

  • Keep your career – choose to study part time or via work-based learning and you won’t have to give up your existing career while you study. Many employers, keen to skill-up their workforce, actually encourage employees to undertake degree programmes, offering flexible working hours, as well as part- or fully-funding students’ fees.
  • Applied learning – working while you study means you can put your learning straight into practice. While students on traditional degree programmes have to wait until graduation or summer breaks to test out their new knowledge and skills in the real world, students on WBDL or part-time courses can transfer learning to the workplace immediately. It means a deeper understanding of the real implications of business management.
  • More affordable – with online study you can earn while you learn. Online courses tend to be cheaper than on-campus courses to begin with, and continuing to earn a wage while you study makes attaining a business management degree even more affordable.
  • No need to relocate – learn online and there’s no need to be close to the campus of the university or college you want to study with.
  • Convenient start dates – many online business management courses offer flexible start dates throughout the year, rather than the more rigid September-only start that you’ll find with the majority of on-campus business degrees. For example, the University of Lincoln’s Business Management WBDL courses accept new students in September, November, February and May.


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