Why does the UK lead the way in Distance Learning for professionals?

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

The advantage of studying for a top-up degree by distance learning is that when it comes to choosing a business school, the world is your oyster. But choosing the right course can be difficult, especially since many courses of this kind are fairly new. One way of ensuring you are getting the best possible course is to choose one from a location with a good reputation for high-quality distance learning programmes and well-regarded top-up degrees. The UK, in particular, is a front runner when it comes to distance learning programmes for professionals, with courses that attract tens of thousands of distance learners every year.

The UK is a popular study destination for students around the world and has long had a reputation for excellent school and university education. Unsurprisingly, it has also become a pioneer in the area of distance learning.

Professional courses are also something of a speciality. The UK is home to a wide range of leading business schools based in and around its major cities. These include standalone business schools and business schools that form part of a larger university. Many of them have long-established and well-regarded distance learning and international programmes and strong reciprocal links with universities and other countries.

One of the principal reasons why distance learning courses from UK-based business schools are popular is the fact that the UK is a leading financial centre and a location of choice for many businesses. This gives UK-based business schools a diverse range of case studies and business minds to draw upon when putting together their distance learning programmes and top-up degrees. Students can be sure of access to the freshest business thinking and latest examples from big-name businesses.

With so many business people to cater for, the UK has led the way when it comes to designing courses and qualifications for professionals. From part-time courses to top-up degrees which allow candidates to switch focus from one career path to another, UK business schools have a long history of offering mid-career education.

Something else to consider when choosing a distance learning course is whether the course material will be appropriate for the market in which you work. The UK has a diverse international community that has been established for centuries. As a result, UK business schools offer a truly international perspective which makes them ideal for students from anywhere in the world. Many UK business schools were among the first to offer international and distance learning programmes and as such, have been able to hone their teaching methods and course content to the needs of a diverse student body.

Finally, by far the most important concern for any distance learning candidate is whether their degree will be recognised internationally. This is another area where UK-based distance learning programmes stand out. The UK’s international focus means that degrees from UK-based business schools are readily recognised around the globe, making them useful for candidates who anticipate making an international move during their career.


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