What can you do with an online degree in engineering management?

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Careers in engineering management can be even more diverse than careers in engineering itself. Already a broad discipline, spanning everything from mechanical to electronic, engineering provides a uniquely varied and stimulating range of career paths. Add to this the business and management knowledge gained on an engineering management degree programme and a whole new area of this dynamic sector opens up to engineers at all levels.

What is engineering management?

It’s a focused form of management training that’s specifically concerned with the engineering sector. There’s a great deal of industry demand for management-focused engineers, and engineering management degrees are available to help engineers develop the business, management, financial, economic and strategic skills needed for these roles.

What’s covered by an engineering management course?

Engineering managers need more than just engineering skills – they also need the management abilities required to oversee complex engineering projects, large teams of workers, and to lead engineering companies successfully.

Typically an online engineering management degree covers exactly what is covered by a traditional campus-based degree course – a combination of intensive training in specific engineering disciplines alongside business and management training. Typically you’ll cover:

  • Engineering principles, issues, theories and implications
  • Engineering management theories, methods, practices and strategy
  • Business practices, organisational behaviour and management skills
  • Relevant mathematics and science topics
  • Current global markets and issues within engineering management
  • Software training, along with basic manufacturing and testing procedures
  • Health and safety, economic, environmental and ethical concerns within the industry
  • Leadership, teamwork and project management skills
  • Problem-solving, analytical and quantitative skills within both management and engineering

Can I learn on the job?

A growing number of engineering management students choose work-based learning as a means of gaining their degree qualification. Courses like the University of Lincoln’s Work-Based Distance Learning (WBDL) Engineering Management degree allow engineers to continue to work and learn in the environment they love, while enhancing their qualifications.

Delivered part time online and in the workplace, these top-up degree courses take up to two years to complete and are specifically tailored to students and their existing careers. It’s an affordable way to learn, which allows you to implement newfound knowledge and skills in the real world from day one.

Where can your qualification take you?

Those studying via a WBDL course will be able to progress quickly within their existing organisation, with employers often setting aside management roles especially for graduates within their existing workforce.

Top-employing industries for engineering managers include research and development, engineering service firms, and manufacturing. The area of engineering in which you specialise can lead to managerial roles within your chosen field. Because engineering management students develop a wide range of skills, including mathematics, communication, the sciences and humanities, a diverse array of career areas are available, such as:

  • Systems Engineering Manager
  • Industrial Management Engineer
  • Senior Lead Analyst
  • Cost Systems Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Value Engineering Manager
  • Engineering Project Manager
  • Senior Lead Analyst
  • Construction Management Engineer

There are plenty more avenues open to you besides moving into an engineering management position with an engineering company. You have the option of moving into a more technically intensive role in a business environment, while some engineers use their management qualifications as an opportunity to get their own engineering company up and running.

The University of Lincoln Work-Based Learning top-up degrees will help you achieve your career goals and obtain a qualification with a global focus. Find out more about the Lincoln WBDL programmes.


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