Online degree programmes for international students – what’s available?

For many ambitious professionals, waiting for management to recognise their potential can take far too long – which is why achieving career progression through qualifications is such a popular route. And with many universities now offering work-based distance learning programmes, it’s becoming even easier to find the ideal opportunity.

How to become a successful manager

What does it take to become a good manager?

If you’re considering a top-up degree or MBA at university, the likelihood is that you’re preparing to progress to a management role. While your hard work and dedication may have got you to this stage, it will take more than simply being great at your existing job to make you a good manager.

7 benefits of studying management courses online

Advancing technology has made it easier than ever for tomorrow’s budding leaders to get the qualifications they need. Being able to study management courses online means that the traditional time, distance and financial constraints of obtaining a degree no longer exist.

You can harness the power of distance learning, learn at your own pace, and profit from some unique benefits that only online courses can provide.


Why does the UK lead the way in Distance Learning for professionals?

The advantage of studying for a top-up degree by distance learning is that when it comes to choosing a business school, the world is your oyster. But choosing the right course can be difficult, especially since many courses of this kind are fairly new. One way of ensuring you are getting the best possible course is to choose one from a location with a good reputation for high-quality distance learning programmes and well-regarded top-up degrees. The UK, in particular, is a front runner when it comes to distance learning programmes for professionals, with courses that attract tens of thousands of distance learners every year.


Do You Need a Degree to Get Ahead in Business?

For anyone looking to excel in the business world, particularly in the corporate sector, attaining a degree in business is a big step in the right direction. Many human resources managers value business degrees highly in their search for candidates. Managerial skills and methodology are highly valuable to make you an effective and efficient employee in any role and a degree in business gives clear evidence to employers that you possess the drive, ambition, graduate-level knowledge and confidence needed to succeed.

Online business top-up degrees can help you get ahead in a number of ways.