Step into the career of your dreams – Humanitarian Aid

How you can get your humanitarian career up and running.

From engineering to public health nutrition, aid work covers a wide variety of challenging roles. No matter where your interests or talents lie, you can channel them into helping others around the world.


5 top bachelor’s degree programmes by distance learning

In recent years the advent of the internet and widespread use of the computer has led to a growth in online tuition and study. According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, more than 210,000 students undertook a degree programme via distance learning in 2014 in the UK alone.

What is the difference between logistics and supply chain management?

Supply chain and logistics are two distinct areas of management. These terms are often used interchangeably, particularly within the transportation industry. Transportation, logistics, supply chain management, materials handling, and inventory control are continually evolving and this has led to an exchange of ideas among these functions over the years.

How your logistics skills could help you achieve a work/life/study balance

If you’re thinking about studying for a top-up degree, one of the key considerations will be whether you can balance work and studies effectively. Your existing career path and job role will play an important part in your ability to achieve this. For example, if you happen to be working in the field of logistics, you will have a natural advantage over other top-up degree candidates – here are some reasons why.


The top 5 challenges of managing others, and how to overcome them

Regardless of the industry we work in, we all face challenges when managing others. The business angle is often the easy part – it’s straightforward to manage schedules, forecast profits, monitor performance and report results. The difficulty lies in managing people, not business processes.

People management skills are some of the most important you’ll ever learn. We constantly improve these skills over the course of our lives, from the moment we first step foot in the playground. As we grow older, take on greater responsibility, and go on to manage teams, things get more complex.