Is an online degree worth it? A global move towards online degrees

Online degree student numbers are growing. In the UK, the latest HESA figures show that 210,005 students in the UK were studying for either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree online last year. In the US, where online learning has really taken off, Babson Research found that over six million higher education students were taking at least one online course in 2010. That number is now at more than 7 million.

Is an online degree worth it? Millions of students around the world think so.

What can you gain from studying retail management?

If you’ve been working in retail for a number of years and are starting to look for somewhere to progress, retail management can seem like a natural next step. An increasing number of universities are now offering retail management courses – but what do you gain by studying for one of these rather than simply learning on the job?


7 benefits of studying management courses online

Advancing technology has made it easier than ever for tomorrow’s budding leaders to get the qualifications they need. Being able to study management courses online means that the traditional time, distance and financial constraints of obtaining a degree no longer exist.

You can harness the power of distance learning, learn at your own pace, and profit from some unique benefits that only online courses can provide.


Top 10 retail management skills you need to have

The retail management sector is a competitive one – so what retail skills do you need to get the job you want?


What are my distance learning degree top up options?

The internet has revolutionised the way we study, opening up lots of new and exciting ways to earn a degree qualification. Distance learning allows you to gain an Honours degree in a more affordable, flexible way, by studying full time or part time from home.

Can you study business management online?

The online learning world is growing fast. Improved access to the internet and faster broadband speeds have led to exciting changes to education. The way in which colleges and universities deliver teaching has changed forever, from part-time diplomas to honours and post-graduate degrees.


How do you study for a bachelor’s degree online?

Flexible, affordable and an engaging way to learn, more than 210,000 students undertook an online degree programme last year in the UK. With the world’s leading universities and colleges embracing the exciting possibilities of distance learning technology, it’s now possible for students to access world-class teaching and leading research no matter where they are in the world.


Can you study engineering online?

Engineering made the internet possible – and the internet has made studying for an engineering degree online possible. It’s a neat example of the huge difference engineering makes to our lives, and how engineering innovation drives progress.

How to develop a work-based learning plan

Work-based learning is an increasingly popular study route for students and professionals who are keen to enhance their qualifications. Without the need to leave behind an existing career, work-based learning students are at a real advantage from day one, and profit from some unique benefits.


What will I learn from an online bachelor’s degree?

What is an online bachelor’s degree?

An online bachelor’s degree provides the same level of qualification as traditional on-campus bachelor’s degree programmes – the only difference is the way in which teaching is delivered.

With an online course, you can study part-time from home, full-time from home, or via blended learning, where you split your time between the bricks-and-mortar classroom and the online learning environment.