Online degree programmes for international students – what’s available?

For many ambitious professionals, waiting for management to recognise their potential can take far too long – which is why achieving career progression through qualifications is such a popular route. And with many universities now offering work-based distance learning programmes, it’s becoming even easier to find the ideal opportunity.

What is a retail management course?

Find out what’s covered in a retail management course, which is designed to prepare you for the diverse and innovative retail sector.

The retail industry is vital to the UK. According to the latest government figures, it employed 4.3 million people in 2013, 15.8% of the UK workforce, and contributed £180 million to the UK economy last year, 11% of the total.

Stay ahead of consumer trends with a top up degree in retail management

Retail management is about more than just sales. The thing that makes a career in retail management so rewarding is that the role involves such varied challenges. You’re the person who makes the store tick, from sales and customer service out on the shop floor to vital work behind the scenes. Buying, merchandising, inventory – it all falls under the remit of the retail manager.