Is an online degree worth it? A global move towards online degrees

Online degree student numbers are growing. In the UK, the latest HESA figures show that 210,005 students in the UK were studying for either an undergraduate or postgraduate degree online last year. In the US, where online learning has really taken off, Babson Research found that over six million higher education students were taking at least one online course in 2010. That number is now at more than 7 million.

Is an online degree worth it? Millions of students around the world think so.

Is a work-based degree for you?

Work-based degrees are becoming an increasingly popular route for ambitious professionals looking to turbo-charge their careers without having to take a career break. But how do you know if it’s the right choice for you?

10 reasons why you should earn a degree in logistics management

If your role is focused on the transportation side of business, you may have found yourself being encouraged to think about pursuing a degree in logistics management. Having come to prominence overseas, these degree courses are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. But if you’re already working in the field, is a logistics management degree really worth it? Here are some reasons why it is.


What can you do with an online degree in engineering management?

Careers in engineering management can be even more diverse than careers in engineering itself. Already a broad discipline, spanning everything from mechanical to electronic, engineering provides a uniquely varied and stimulating range of career paths. Add to this the business and management knowledge gained on an engineering management degree programme and a whole new area of this dynamic sector opens up to engineers at all levels.

How to become a successful manager

What does it take to become a good manager?

If you’re considering a top-up degree or MBA at university, the likelihood is that you’re preparing to progress to a management role. While your hard work and dedication may have got you to this stage, it will take more than simply being great at your existing job to make you a good manager.

What is a retail management course?

Find out what’s covered in a retail management course, which is designed to prepare you for the diverse and innovative retail sector.

The retail industry is vital to the UK. According to the latest government figures, it employed 4.3 million people in 2013, 15.8% of the UK workforce, and contributed £180 million to the UK economy last year, 11% of the total.

7 benefits of studying management courses online

Advancing technology has made it easier than ever for tomorrow’s budding leaders to get the qualifications they need. Being able to study management courses online means that the traditional time, distance and financial constraints of obtaining a degree no longer exist.

You can harness the power of distance learning, learn at your own pace, and profit from some unique benefits that only online courses can provide.


How to apply learning in the workplace

Work based learning is on the up. Allowing students to improve their qualifications without the need to give up their existing careers, it means study is more affordable and more accessible. For employers it means strengthening the skills of their workforce without losing any staff of having to re-train and re-hire. So it’s easy to see why this study route is an increasingly popular one across a range of industries.

What are my distance learning degree top up options?

The internet has revolutionised the way we study, opening up lots of new and exciting ways to earn a degree qualification. Distance learning allows you to gain an Honours degree in a more affordable, flexible way, by studying full time or part time from home.

Can you study engineering online?

Engineering made the internet possible – and the internet has made studying for an engineering degree online possible. It’s a neat example of the huge difference engineering makes to our lives, and how engineering innovation drives progress.