7 reasons why you should study for a degree online

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Distance learning is growing. More than 200,000 UK students now enrol in distance learning courses every year. Every major university now offers a range of online course options. It’s now possible to study everything from a part-time MBA to a full-time bachelor’s degree online.

Students have been encouraged by the increase in online course options, and by the fact that the world’s top universities have fully embraced web-based learning, opening up their doors to students all over the world.

Thinking about studying for a degree? We take a look at some of the reasons why you might want to choose the online classroom.

1) Access the best teaching, wherever you are in the world

As long as you have access to a reliable broadband connection, you can complete on online degree course. It means that you can seek out the best universities, the most rewarding courses, and access first-rate teaching without having to live in the same city, state or country as the university you’ve chosen. It opens doors and ensures that you benefit from an outstanding education without having to face the costs of relocation, commuter expenses, or student accommodation.

2) Cheaper fees

Saving on accommodation, relocation and commuting aren’t the only ways in which online study makes financial sense. Fees for online degree courses tend to be notably cheaper than traditional campus-based degree programmes. Because online courses are more affordable for universities to deliver, they can pass on these cost savings to students in the form of reduced fees.

3) Earn while you learn

Studying online gives you greater flexibility than you’ll find with even part-time on-campus courses. Because you can choose your own study hours, it’s easy to fit your studies around an existing job. Being able to continue to work while you study means you’ll still be earning while you learn, making study more affordable.

4) Applied learning

Working part-time while you study, or choosing a work-based distance learning degree gives you the chance to benefit from applied learning. Students in traditional campus-based degree programmes often have to wait until summer break or post-graduation to put their learning into practise. If you’re working while you learn you’re able to apply your classroom learning in real world scenarios the very next day. It gives you a very real advantage in that you get a deeper understanding of your subject, learn ‘around’ the subject, understand new concepts more quickly, and gain real world experience at the same time.

5) Innovative and motivational teaching resources

The online classroom utilises a range of new tech to make learning possible – and motivational. You’ll take part in regular lively discussion groups, live streamed lectures, video chats with fellow students and tutors and more. Audio clips, interactive presentations – all of these resources help you to gain an understanding of your subject while staying fully engaged with your learning. These resources also contribute to a feeling of community and connection – you may not be physically studying in the same classroom on campus together, but you’ll still feel as if you are.

6) Build unique skills that help you stand out from the crowd

Online learning can be challenging, and requires a good deal more self-reliance, self-motivation, time-keeping and organisational skill than traditional classroom-based learning can. As a result, online learning graduates can benefit from enhanced confidence in these areas that set them apart from traditional graduates – proof to yourself and to future employers that you’re capable of achieving great things off your own bat.

7) Make connections all over the globe

Online classrooms are open to all. Because physical location is no longer a barrier to attendance, classes can welcome students from all over the world. As a student in the online learning place, you’ll find yourself making friendships that last a lifetime with people from a range of countries, exposing you to a wealth of new cultures and languages, and giving you insight into different ways of life.

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