Do You Need a Degree to Get Ahead in Business?

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

For anyone looking to excel in the business world, particularly in the corporate sector, attaining a degree in business is a big step in the right direction. Many human resources managers value business degrees highly in their search for candidates. Managerial skills and methodology are highly valuable to make you an effective and efficient employee in any role and a degree in business gives clear evidence to employers that you possess the drive, ambition, graduate-level knowledge and confidence needed to succeed.

Online business top-up degrees can help you get ahead in a number of ways.

Ambition – without compromising your existing career

With an online business degree, committing yourself to part-time study whilst continuing at your present job has several advantages. Firstly, it’s a sure sign to future employers of your dedication, ambition to reach senior management and your capabilities. Completing an online business degree also allows you to put the knowledge you’ve learned in the online classroom into practice in the workplace the very next day. This mix of studied and applied skills presents the best of both worlds to employers. You’ll be able to study for a degree in business whilst keeping your toes in the water, learning not just from tutors and peers but from your daily work experiences.

Success in every sector

Not everyone gravitates towards the big bucks corporate sector. For those interested in alternative sectors such as healthcare, engineering or education, a degree in business can still make a difference to your success. Your degree in business is a generalised degree that can be applied to many sectors and help you work in that field at the top of your game. You’ll gain skills in such areas as change management, problem solving, and evaluation. Every industry needs these skills to compete, and your business degree will make you a highly valuable member of the team, no matter what sector you work in.

Use degree knowledge to set up your own start-up

These days over 80% of all business is done by small start-ups with fewer than 100 employees. If you’re looking to scratch that entrepreneurial itch, a degree in business is a degree that you can use to get your start-up up and running, regardless of sector. A top-up degree in business will prepare you for the wide variety of problems you will need to solve, introduce you to a network of people who can help your start-up thrive and give you the confidence and knowledge you need to take that first step.

So, whether you’re looking to improve your footing on the career ladder, switch tack with your career goals or harness the knowledge you need to set up a successful business of your own, a degree in business is always a beneficial move. With the skills, knowledge, confidence and contacts that a degree in business provides, success is just around the corner.

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