Online degree programmes for international students – what’s available?

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

For many ambitious professionals, waiting for management to recognise their potential can take far too long – which is why achieving career progression through qualifications is such a popular route. And with many universities now offering work-based distance learning programmes, it’s becoming even easier to find the ideal opportunity.

One of the benefits of work-based programmes is that they allow candidates to continue their education without having to take a break from their career. Many of these programmes are top-up degrees, allowing those who have already completed the initial stages of their university education to progress further.

Because they are specifically designed for professionals, work-based distance learning programmes often offer a far higher level of customisation and flexibility than most other university courses. For example, they often include units tailored to specific industries. They may also allow students to enrol at several different points during the year. This means that by selecting a distance learning programme, students can not only tailor their study schedule to suit them, they can also choose the course that suits them – wherever in the world it might be located.

Unsurprisingly, the level of flexibility offered by work-based distance learning courses makes them very appealing to international students looking for world-class courses without the cost or disruption that comes from studying abroad.

What opportunities are on offer?

Here are some of the more popular options.

Business Management

By far one of the most popular work-based distance learning courses, business management top-up degrees enable candidates to combine their academic qualifications and professional experience into a degree-level qualification. Candidates can take the course over one or two years, undertaking a series of work-based projects aimed at helping them acquire management-level skills. Business Management courses tend to be popular among those seeking to make the leap to management level, or to gain skills that will help them build a business of their own.

Engineering Management

Specifically tailored to those working in the Engineering industry, Engineering Management top-up degrees focus on helping candidates formalise their workplace skills into academic qualifications while developing management skills and competencies that complement their existing expertise. As well as courses on key areas such as problem solving and change management, Engineering Management students also benefit from being able to learn best practice techniques from leading employers.

Humanitarian Supply Chain Management

Humanitarian Supply Chain Management courses help those working in the supply chain management field find a wider application for their skills. They offer the opportunity to not only learn how to apply their existing skills to humanitarian and disaster management situations, but also to analyse situations and events they encounter in the workplace from a humanitarian supply chain perspective. Such courses are an effective way to bridge the gap between working in a corporate setting and working within a not-for-profit or NGO environment.

Logistics Management

Logistics management top-up degrees are a way for logistics management professionals to add a theoretical basis to their workplace skills. With a strong focus on building change management skills, they allow students to turn everyday working situations into study projects, providing the opportunity to analyse and improve techniques – including responsiveness and efficiency.

Retail Management

Another popular choice, Retail Management distance learning programmes help candidates develop skills in areas that may not currently be covered by their work experiences. Starting with recognition and accreditation for existing skills and achievements, Retail Management courses help students ensure they have a complete understanding of the retail space and its many facets. Retail Management candidates are often those seeking to work at a higher level than their current role within in a new or less familiar area of the retail industry.

The types of courses mentioned above are just some of the work-based distance learning opportunities available to international students looking to increase their professional value. While for some the right course is an obvious choice, choosing a distance learning degree can also be a good time to discover a new direction that they have not previously considered.

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