What will I learn from an online bachelor’s degree?

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

What is an online bachelor’s degree?

An online bachelor’s degree provides the same level of qualification as traditional on-campus bachelor’s degree programmes – the only difference is the way in which teaching is delivered.

With an online course, you can study part-time from home, full-time from home, or via blended learning, where you split your time between the bricks-and-mortar classroom and the online learning environment.

As an online bachelor’s degree student you’ll pick up a range of valuable skills besides your BA qualification itself. The unique challenges presented by online study are no harder than those faced by students taking part in on-campus courses, they’re simply different challenges.

Online students, spending more time studying at home or top up degree courses, develop a greater degree of self-reliance and self-motivation, alongside a range of other key skills that stand you in great stead for the future.


Studying at home requires an enhanced level of self-discipline. Students learning in the online environment develop the skills they need to recognise distractions and the strategies they need to overcome them. You’ll also become adept at recognising and avoiding procrastination, becoming more pro-active in your activities during and post-study.

Time management and organisational skills

Whether undertaking a part-time or full-time online bachelor’s degree you’ll develop time management and organisational skills that are second to none. Studying from home means planning and prioritising your time, setting tangible study goals, and planning your own study schedule week to week.

Keeping your study materials organised, be it using online tools and apps, your smartphone, calendars, or good old-fashioned pen, paper, and ringback folders, you’ll also learn that a neat operation can aid study success. In future it means you’ll be more organised in all your endeavours, and better equipped at keeping on top of stressful situations.

Applied knowledge

If you’re a student continuing to work while you study part-time online, you’ll develop the ability to apply your newfound knowledge to the real world, fast. You can implement your learning in the workplace the very next day. Putting it into practise helps you to retain this newfound knowledge better. You’re at an advantage here, as full-time on-campus bachelor degree students typically have to wait until the end of term time to apply their new skills to the workplace.

Communication skills

Studying online requires a different kind of communication. Whether you’re studying part-time, full-time or via blended learning you’ll make more contact with your tutors and fellow students in the online environment rather than face-to-face. These days that doesn’t mean that you’re only going to enhance your written communication skills. Emails, written coursework, and entries into written discussions on study forums will do just that, but today’s online study environment is more diverse.

Live streaming means delivery of live lectures via video and audio, you can Skype and video call, instant message and text, collaborate via Google Docs, as well as deliver presentations, images and graphics of your own to class discussions and as part of your coursework.

You’ll learn to communicate in all these ways with a diverse range of students too. Online bachelor’s degrees open up study programmes to students from all over the world. It means you’ll meet people from across the globe, learn about their culture, and make friends and contacts in a range of countries.


Online learning encourages you to reach out. You need to speak up in online discussions, take part in group projects, and reach out to tutors and fellow students in a range of ways. You’ll get used to making your voice heard, and feeling important and valued in discussions and problem solving activities. This builds up confidence that you can take out into the world both during and after your studies have completed.

The fact that you have qualified with an online bachelor’s degree, under your own steam, having to apply all of the above-mentioned skills, should make you extremely proud and highly confident in your abilities going forward – no matter where your new degree qualification takes you.

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