10 reasons why you should earn a degree in logistics management

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

If your role is focused on the transportation side of business, you may have found yourself being encouraged to think about pursuing a degree in logistics management. Having come to prominence overseas, these degree courses are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. But if you’re already working in the field, is a logistics management degree really worth it? Here are some reasons why it is.

1) It’s relevant

Logistics management degrees aren’t just academic, they’re designed for individuals already working in logistics who want to obtain a qualification that recognises all the knowledge and expertise that goes into their job. As a result, you can rest assured that the course content will most likely be very  relevant – not only to what you’re doing now, but to your future career.

2) You gain transferable skills

It can be easy to think that a logistics management degree is just about transportation – but in fact, they offer a lot more than that. In particular, most logistics management degrees tend to focus on gaining an in-depth understanding of the entire supply chain – including issues such as cost, quality and lead-times. As well as providing you with a solid grounding in the issues faced by your industry, such knowledge can help prepare you for a role in business operations or business management by providing insight into how value is created and where costs can be cut.

3) It boosts your analytical skills

Logistics management degrees are a great way to enhance and deepen the skills you already have – including your ability to analyse information. Whether you are examining supply chain trends to pinpoint opportunities or reviewing standard decision-making processes with a view to improving them, a logistics management degree will help you strengthen your ability to absorb – and most importantly analyse – crucial information quickly and effectively.

4) It helps you become a specialist

One thing logistics management degrees provide that you may not get anywhere else is the ability to focus on the areas of the role that matter to you. Logistics courses allow you to choose modules focused on areas such as Distribution Centres, Freight Transport, Problem Solving, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, and Strategic Logistics so you can build the specific skill set you need for the next stage in your career.

5) It prepares you for management roles

Logistic management degrees are all about taking your career to the next level – and for most candidates that means a management role. Whether it’s expanding the scope of your knowledge, deepening your experience of specific areas or improving your ability to think about logistics in a strategic manner, a degree could be your gateway to the senior role you’ve always dreamt of.

6) Get the most out of your workplace skills and knowledge

A logistics management degree offers a unique opportunity to use your work-based expertise in an academic context, helping you get the most out of what you’ve already learned and helping you add a theoretical background to the practical skills you’ve already developed.

7) You can study online

One of the best things about studying for a logistics management degree online is the fact that you get the opportunity to apply what you’re learning to real-life work situations as you go. As well as reinforcing what you’ve learnt, this can be a great way of deepening your understanding of the logistics issues experienced within your industry.

8) It gives you a competitive advantage

Having a logistics management degree sets you apart from the rest – even if your aim is simply to progress within your current role. For example, many logistics management degree candidates use their dissertation as an opportunity to expand on an existing work project or problem, often producing papers that go on to inform logistics strategies within their organisation. This is a great way of demonstrating to your employer exactly how your new qualification benefits them.

9) Be the first to learn cutting-edge techniques

Many logistics management degrees have been popular in Dubai for some years now and the UAE region is still one of the major centres of logistics innovation. Logistics management degrees focus on bringing this innovation to students around the world by focusing on emerging disciplines such as Green logistics.

10) You can learn at your own pace

Because logistics management courses are frequently offered as online degrees aimed at candidates who are working full-time, there are plenty of options to accelerate and decelerate study in line with the demands of your career. Some top-up courses allow you to spread modules across a period of up to 24 months, so you can ensure you’re giving adequate attention to both work and study.

So, is a logistics management degree worth it? You can only really find out if you study for one! A great place to start is to take a look at some of the courses available and the modules on offer and to think about how they could be applied in your career. After all, a logistics management degree is all about applying what you learn to what you do.

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