Could a work-based degree improve your professional confidence?

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Study builds confidence. As we attain new skills, meet new people, face new challenges and succeed in our goals, our self-belief can’t help but grow. Choosing a path of learning also gives us a sense of control over where our careers are heading. All of this builds personal and professional confidence that we can carry with us, whatever our career goals going forward.

Work-based learning degrees also offer you unique opportunities to boost your confidence in the workplace. Being truly work-focused courses, tailored specifically to your professional goals, you can feel assured that the course you’re undertaking will serve you well in the long run. This reassurance is just one aspect of why work-based distance learning is such a confidence booster. Here are some more ways in which a work-based degree can give your professional performance a lift.

Recognition of your existing skills

Work-based learning courses differ from traditional degree courses, in that they recognise and value your existing workplace experience. Whatever your role and professional background, your tutors are aware of the skills you’ve already learned and honed in the real world. So from the start you’re far more than ‘just a student’.

The fact that your own skills are recognised and valued from the outset is a sure-fire boost to your personal and professional confidence. In fact, you may already have valuable skills that you simply hadn’t realised yourself. Being made aware of these skills, with the promise that your course will help you to build and capitalise on them, gives you a great sense of self-worth and it’s a great motivator to carry you forward in the workplace and in the classroom.

Building new skills

Learning any new skill can be a boost to confidence. In the professional sphere, learning new skills can help us get ahead. The professional world is competitive, no matter which sector you work in and work-based distance-learning can help you build on a diverse range of skills that can make you more attractive to employers.

  • Communication – by learning to communicate well with colleagues at every level of your company, you’ll feel more at ease and confident in every setting. Whether you’re chatting with Derek from accounts or in a meeting with the CEO, great communication skills can help you perform better and get your ideas across.
  • Leadership – many students undertaking work-based learning degrees do so with an eye to potential leadership roles in future. It’s how we get ahead in any company – we make the move from being part of the team to being leader of the team. Learning leadership skills as part of your degree will give you the confidence you need to do just that.

Work-based degrees really excel at delivering confidence in your newfound skills, as they allow you to put your learning into practice. Working while you study means that the very next day you can implement your new knowledge in the workplace and feel your confidence grow day by day.

Tailored career paths

While traditional full-time degrees tend to be very rigid in their course content, work-based distance learning is different. Your course can be tailored to your existing work role, which not only allows you to apply your knowledge fast, but also assures you that what you learn is truly relevant for your career ambitions. The knowledge that what you’re learning is valuable and of genuine use to furthering your goals, not only acts as a great motivator, but as a confidence builder too.

The support of your employer

Many work-based learning students do so with the full support of their employers. Some employers value these degree qualifications so highly that they are willing to pay all or part of their employees’ course fees too. Knowing that your employer has your back, is willing to cooperate and change your work schedule to facilitate your studies, makes study less stressful. You can have the confidence of knowing that your employer supports you every step of the way and wants to see you succeed within their organisation as well as in the classroom.

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