How can work based learning online benefit your employer?

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Work based learning online offers a practical and flexible way for people to achieve their educational and career goals. Allowing you to gain full degree qualifications that are tailored to the specific area of your industry, without having to forego your existing career, it’s a study option that offers plenty of benefits for students – but if offers just as many benefits to employers too.

By completing the traditional classroom element of a top-up degree online, you’re free to study from home, at a time that suits you, fitting your studies in around your existing work commitments. For both employees and employers the benefits are many, varied and long-lasting too.

  • Costs

For you as a student, being able to earn while you learn helps you keep on top of course fees. The part-time online nature of these courses means that fees are lower in the first place. And the fact that graduates of these courses are of such desirability to employers means that your employer will often enthusiastically fund or at least part-fund your studies.

For employers, work based online learning courses helps companies reduce their recruitment and training costs. There’s no need to pay to advertise and recruit new members of staff when existing staff can be suitably trained up to meet the company’s needs whilst remaining in the job.

It also ensures that the staff they do train up fully understand workplace expectations and the workings and ethos of the company from the outset. It helps employers cut the costs of hiring new employees who simply aren’t a good match for their company in the long run. Retaining and retraining staff is a far more attractive option for employers than losing staff and hiring afresh.

  • Access to experts

As part of your work based learning online course you’ll have access to specialists in your chosen field of work. They’ll be on hand to guide and mentor you, advising you on work based projects. It’s not just you who benefits from their expertise, but your employer and the company you work for too.

  • Job-relevant training

Work based distance learning courses are tailored to the individual needs and experience of each student, and to the work they currently do for their company. As a result, employers can be guaranteed that the new skills and knowledge their employee acquires will be fully relevant to their company’s needs. Tailored learning means employees benefit from far more job-focused training than they would on a traditional degree programme.

  • Improved company performance

As a result of staff building up their knowledge via top-up degrees, employers can expect to see improved company performance from day one. Studying part-time allows you to put the learning you acquire online into practise in the workplace the very next day. Whichever area of management you plan to study via work based learning online, you’ll find your performance within the company improving day by day, boosting the current and future performance of your company overall.

  • Increased employee loyalty

When you’re training on the job, you gain a far deeper understanding of the way the business world really works, far more quickly than you would if you weren’t in the workplace. You want to put your new skills and training into practise and help you company succeed and thrive. For staff, it’s always reassuring to know that your employer supports you and your career goals, and is happy to help accommodate and encourage your studies. For employers, it means retaining staff that are more committed to their work and to the company as a result.

Work based online learning courses really do offer the best solution for employers looking to improve their workforce. Performance is improved, the company’s future is in safer hands, and all without the need to lose any vital members of staff whilst they get trained up. That’s why many employers choose to encourage staff on to top-up degree programmes by funding or part-funding their studies.

You can find out more about employer funding options in our fees section.

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