How can you find work/life balance with a work-based degree?

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is an important part of maintaining the kind of inner resilience and emotional vitality needed to succeed at a career level. Everyone needs downtime to pursue other interests that leave them refreshed and invigorated for work. But what about individuals whose outside interests are work-related?

For those whose other interests include pursuing a degree in business, work-life balance can be tricky to achieve as it’s easy for the line between work and life outside the office to become blurred. Achieving a degree in business is an important means of achieving career progression, but it can be hard to ensure that it doesn’t result in exhaustion, burnout, or simply a lack of enthusiasm when combined with a full-time job.

Many professionals have started business courses only to find that the pressure of work and study was too great to maintain over an extended period. Often, this is because they don’t make a realistic assessment of the time and capacity they have available, and plan to spend every spare hour at work or study. This rarely works out, since everyone needs sufficient time to rest. Underestimating the amount of time a course will take up is another common pitfall, and it’s important to remember that skimping on the time commitment will have an adverse effect on results. Another issue many face is being able to maintain their study during hectic periods at work. A large project comes up, a few classes are missed and suddenly the momentum is gone. Falling behind in this way can be demoralising, making it difficult to catch up.

One great option for those wishing to maintain a good work/life balance is online study. The past few years have seen a marked increase in the availability of high-quality online business courses, making it even easier for professionals to fit their study around their working lives. This is not only great news for anyone who longs to study but can’t afford to take time out of their career, it also makes it possible for students to achieve a work/life balance that fits. Many distance learning courses are designed to put the student in control, making it easier to fit study alongside work commitments.

Online top up degree courses also allow students to access course materials and classes according to their own schedule rather than making a fixed daily commitment. Instead of attending a 50-minute class at a specified time, students can choose to split the lesson into two shorter sessions, or even spend an entire evening going through several different classes. For those pursuing a hectic career, this flexibility can be vital. As well as offering full and part-time options, some courses allow students to pause their studies if needed, or to take some modules at a more intensive pace when time allows, and slow down when they don’t. Again, this makes it easier to fit the course alongside other commitments.

Whether pursuing a course of study online or offline, the main thing students need to learn is to cultivate the ability to plan and prioritise. At times, this means being ruthless about turning things down, at others it means being creative about when to do certain tasks or activities, but ultimately, it means learning skills that will have a positive career-long impact.

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