How do you study for a bachelor’s degree online?

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Flexible, affordable and an engaging way to learn, more than 210,000 students undertook an online degree programme last year in the UK. With the world’s leading universities and colleges embracing the exciting possibilities of distance learning technology, it’s now possible for students to access world-class teaching and leading research no matter where they are in the world.

What can I study?

The sizeable number of bachelor’s degree subjects available online is steadily growing. No matter what subject area you’re passionate about you’ll find an online degree programme to suit you.

Once you’ve picked your subject, how do you go about applying for a bachelor’s degree online? We’ll guide you through all you need to know about the way the online learning environment works, from how to apply to how teaching is delivered.

Do your research

First up it’s time to decide which university or college is right for you. You may already have a specific subject in mind. You can research available courses, entry requirements, start dates, and fees, and use online resources to view university and college rankings by subject. Narrow your selection and find out what current and past students of your chosen universities or colleges have to say about their online learning experience there.

How to apply

With your subject and learning institution chosen, it’s time to apply. You’ll find that many schools offer a selection of start dates throughout the year for bachelor’s degrees online, particularly if you’re studying part-time. Make sure you’ve checked your course start dates, and apply with plenty of time before hand.

Head to the website’s admissions section, and you should find an easy guide to the process. The entry process can vary from school to school. At the University of Lincoln the process is simple, and you’ll be assisted by a dedicated Student Enrolment Advisor.

  • Contact the university via their online enquiry form
  • Your dedicated Student Enrolment Advisor will get in touch to give you detailed info on your chosen programme and answer any questions you may have
  • They’ll send you a link to an application form for your chosen degree for you to complete
  • Submit any relevant documents or supporting information your Student Enrolment Advisor requests
  • If successful, you’ll then receive an offer of a place
  • Once you confirm acceptance of your place you’re ready to go

How long does it take?

Completing a bachelor’s degree online can take anywhere from one year, if you’re completing a top-up degree and studying full time, to five years, if you’re completing a bachelor’s degree and studying part time.

Teaching methods

The online learning environment will vary from school to school, and subject to subject, but you can typically expect:

  • Online lectures and tutorials – streaming video and audio bring live lectures into your own home, as well as downloadable presentations
  • 24/7 access to course materials and resources, often uploaded to a dedicated student portal
  • An online student platform where you can manage coursework, view timetables and deadlines, and communicate with fellow students and tutors
  • Communication around the clock via lively class forums, allowing you to discuss coursework, queries, ideas, study tips and more
  • You may be required to log on simultaneously for real-time synchronous discussions and lectures
  • Assignments – these are typically completed offline and are then emailed to tutors or uploaded via the online degree program’s course management system
  • Exams – some assessments may take place online, while others may have to take place in a local testing centre or campus

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