Top 5 benefits of work based learning

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Forget being stuck in the classroom full time. On-campus learning isn’t for everyone and work based learning is on the up. A more engaging learning process, truly tailored courses and cheaper course fees are just some of the benefits of work based learning that have seen its popularity grow among students of all ages.

In a competitive work market, work based learning appeals as it allows people to acquire new skills and better themselves without having to quit their existing jobs. Courses are tailored to students’ existing skills and to the line of work they’re employed in and these top-up courses are often short and manageable in terms of hours.

Work based learning takes place in the classroom, in the workplace, and can be online too, keeping things nice and varied for students. If you’re thinking of topping up your education, here are our top five benefits of work based learning to help you decide if it’s right for you.

1) You’ll learn faster 

Working while you study enables you to apply the skills you’re learning on your course to your workplace almost immediately. Things you’ve picked up in the classroom can be put into practise at work the very next day. This kind of immersive, applied learning means you’re learning faster and that your new knowledge sinks in fast. It’s a unique advantage that work based learning students have over traditional full-time students.

2) Your employer will love you 

Another of the benefits of work based learning is that your applied knowledge benefits your employer immediately. They don’t need to wait for you to finish training before you can get back to work and pass on your expertise. You’re working while you study and can pass on your new management skills in the workplace straight away.

3) A job is waiting for you 

While students learning via the traditional full-time on-campus route may finish their studies more quickly, they face the challenge of finding related employment once they graduate. One of the biggest benefits of work based learning is that there’s no stressful job hunt at the end of it. Your job is already waiting for you, because you never left it, and all of the knowledge you’ve picked up on your course has been tailored to suit your specific job. Your learning is truly focused and 100% applicable to the job you already hold, which is of great benefit to both you and your employer.

4) Affordable study 

Work based learning fees are often cheaper, as you aren’t in the classroom full time. Because you’re earning whilst you learn, it means that you don’t have to forgo your whole salary while you go to school as full-time students must. This helps to lessen the burden of tuition costs and ensure that you can still help to support your family while you gain an education.

5) Career progression 

Work based learning helps you move forward, wherever you want your career to go. Whether you want to broaden your skill base, change professions, or climb the management ladder, studying while you work can help you achieve your goals. Employers are keen to help their employees gain valuable skills that can benefit their employees as well as the company as a whole. As a result, many employers are happy to fund or part-fund their employees’ work/study courses to help their career within the company progress more quickly.

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