What can you do with a top-up business management degree?

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Top-up degrees are a great way to make the leap from your current career into a business management role – but what advantages do they offer over other courses? And how do they help candidates advance their careers.

If you already have a foundation degree or HND, top-up degrees are a means of progressing into the final year of an honours degree. In the field of business management, they provide a great way of boosting your career potential when you feel you’ve hit a plateau – if, for example, you wish to be considered for roles where an honours degree is one of the requirements, or if you’re looking to give yourself an edge over other candidates.

In terms of business management skills, top-up degrees are an excellent way to refocus your knowledge and skills and acquire a deeper understanding of areas of business management that may not have been covered by your career so far or previous study courses. Business management top-up degrees are aimed at candidates who have made a decision to enhance their careers and as such tend to focus on the strategic and international dimensions of business and management.

Business management top-up degrees are designed to drill down into the competencies you may not already have learnt on the job. Key skills include developing the ability to evaluate business models and concepts, and the insight needed to transfer theoretical knowledge into effective action. This in-depth focus on real management skills helps ensure you can offer real value to employers once you have successfully completed the course.

As well as learning about the latest developments in business management, students on business management top-up degrees have the opportunity to widen their skills base by studying modules in areas as diverse as project management, strategic management, marketing and management accounting. This is a great way to try out areas of business that interest you but which are outside the scope of your current role, or to discover hidden aptitudes.

Laying the foundation for a successful future

One of the biggest advantages of business management top-up degrees is the fact that they are entirely focused on helping you enhance your employability. They frequently combine the latest theoretical learning with practical skills to ensure you have everything you need for the next step in your career.

Another advantage offered by business management degrees is the ability to make a smooth transition into a new industry. Business management top-up degrees frequently offer study streams or modules tailored to the needs of candidates looking to progress into sales, finance or human resources roles. Such courses can also be an effective means of preparing to make the shift from the private to the public sector.

Business management top-up degrees online

Of course one major worry for anyone looking to increase their career prospects through further study is the need to take time off work. This is where business management top up degrees are particularly advantageous. Because they are designed to meet the needs of those who have already embarked on a career, there are plenty of opportunities to study for a business management degree online. This is a great way to ensure you get the qualifications you need without having to either reduce your working hours or take a career break – you simply access all your classes, course materials and tutorials online, when it suits your schedule. What’s more, students who study for business management degrees online while juggling the responsibilities of work frequently find that the organisational and time management skills they acquire in the process are an invaluable bonus.

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